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Life is a Choice! And so is Financial Independence

Financial independence is not a dream! It’s a decision.

You have the option to shrink your dream to fit on your income, or increase your income to fit on your dreams.

Unfortunately, financial education is not taught in schools, but we are fortunate enough that this time there are groups who has the advocacy on global financial literacy.

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Day 6: Thailand👉Kanchanaburi Tour

Bangkok is a wonderful place to wander. Various types of tour packages are offered by different agencies around the city. From historical century-old temples, modern temples and palaces, to elephant riding, theme parks, trekking, and etc, you have a varied option to choose from.
For me, since I love and very fond of going to historical places, I chose Kanchanaburi full day tour.

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Day 4: Border Crossing👉Cambodia to Thailand via Poipet

Another 8-hour land trip to go!😁

I just loved long hours of land trip especially by bus. It’s time-consuming for the majority and to me sometimes, but if I am not in a hurry, I love it. Having a good sleep in a bus has become my talent.😅

This time, I’ll be crossing to Aranyaprathet, Thailand from Poipet, Cambodia.


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