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It's the Start of Something New

“Every new beginning, you will discover something wonderful you didn’t expect”

When I was young, my greatest dream was to be an accountant who will work in a corporate attire, becoming a lady boss, sophisticated, brilliant, smart, and….scary.😄

But life has its ways to direct us into where and what we should be.

On those times when I am starting my journey in college into achieving my dreams of becoming an accountant, that dream started to fade out in me. Life has its twists and turns and brought me to Industrial Engineering. Yes! Industrial Engineering…I don’t even have an idea of the course and where it will lead me eventually. I just walked through the department, processed my papers, and wait for the new beginning.

My life in the engineering department was a wonderful journey. It is where I met crazy people who were my bff’s until now. And most especially, I found myself there – happy and crazy! 

Six years ago, March 2010, I graduated BS Industrial Engineering and then, I landed a job…I mean many jobs! For the past six years, I job hopped into seven companies in Cebu and Metro Manila. Three of which I just stayed less than two months. Two of which for less than a year. And this company I am  currently working now, I’ve been connected to them for four years but actually resigned before, when I was two years since 2012. And I came back with a different job offer. Yes I am a certified job hopper. I’m addicted and always excited  to begin with “something new”and because of that, I learned more about myself.

A year ago, November 2015, tired of office-to-home routine, suddenly sparked in my mind the idea of doing some adventure – something new! I just spoil my craziness and at around 11pm along EDSA, hopped into a bus going to Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan (will talk more about it on my next blog). Two days and one night of solo travel, was refreshing. That trip awakens up the wanderer’s soul in me and reminds me of God’s greatest dreams into my life – to travel and make the world my home!

From then on, I started to plan my own trips and wander in the Philippine islands. And of course, cost is the twin of travelling. As much as I wanted to travel more locally and abroad, my salary on a  regular job will never suffice the expenses it will incur. And I that leads me to solutions on how I can have additional income, and convert myself from being a spender to saving and investing. And it all start with setring-up the right mindset and guidance from the experts, the financial mentor through the Truly Rich Club.

Today, I started this blog account to be a venue for me to share my learnings about life, travel, and money. And hopefully earn from this.

“Life is too short, the world is too big to explore”

“You don’t have to be rich, you just have to live a rich life”

“Discover God’s greatest dreams for your life”

Looking forward for more travels, more blogs, and more wonderful journeys to share to you all!


In ordinary days I'm an industrial engineer and an advocate of Global Financial Literacy. In extraordinary days, I'm wanderfully crazy to go on adventures and explore, dreaming to experience life on different places. The world is not scary afterall.... "Life is wonderful journey of crazy adventures!" 😜👣👣👣🌎

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