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Walking Through the Streets of Silay – The Paris of Negros

Few months ago, I was invited by a friend to attend her wedding to be held in Bacolod on June 8, 2016. Of course, I will not let this opportunity pass – to explore Bacolod!

On the course of flight bookings and itinerary planning, I came up with a 6-day trip from Negros Occidental to its neighboring provinces in Panay Island – Iloilo and Aklan.

June 7, 2016 – This is it! My flight was 5:30am (I like early flights because “the earlier you arrive, the more places you can explore”) but as usual, I arrived late in the airport and the check-in counter was already closed 😁 nevertheless, I was still able to take the flight; with valid excuses, I did! 😁

As the airplane approaches to the airport, you will have a beautiful view of Negros in green fields, backdropped by a Mt. Kanlaon partly covered by clouds. (So amazed that I was not able to take a picture…so sorry!)

At around 6:30am, I arrived in New Bacolod Silay Airport. It is the only airport in Negros Occidental. It is situated in the town of Silay dubbed as “The Paris of Negros”

Before heading to Bacolod, take yourself back in time through a walk on the history-rich ancestral houses turned museum of Silay.

Upon arrival to the airport, you can ride a tricycle, van, or taxi going to Silay or Bacolod City. The van and tricycle will not depart until full. I prefer to take the taxi because i’m too hungry and excited to start exploring Silay. But I highly suggest you take the van. It cost Php 150 while the taxi is Php 250.

Before the walk through begins…eat breakfast first. I asked the taxi driver to drop me at El Ideal.

El Ideal Bakery (Cesar Lacson Locsin Ancestral House). The historic bakery offers variety of pastries and their specialty “guapple pie”. They also have rice meals. I asked the attendant on what’s there specialty and she said, spare ribs! So I ordered this for breakfast.

Their own version of spare rib is so delicious matched with a unique condiment of green mango and carrot mix in vinegar. They also have rich-taste brewed coffee with red shugar and evaporated milk. Deliciouso!

Already gained energy, now ready for a walk along the streets of Silay to take a look at the heritage houses.

From El Ideal Bakery, head north of Rizal St.

San Diego Pro-Cathedral. A 17th century church along Rizal Street. Unique in Negros Occidental for being the only church featuring a cupola or dome in the province.

  • Go to the back of the cathedral and look at the cathedral’s dome from its back view.
  • Take a stroll at the cathedral’s parking area or just sit on the benches under the shade of beautiful young balete tree.

Balay Negrense (Victor F. Gaston House). The house has 2 floors with 12 bedrooms, detailed with intricate designs. The house is open for tour from tuesdays to sundays.

Hofileña Ancestral House. The first ancestral house in Silay to open its doors to public in 1962.

Jalandoni Ancestral House. Also known as the “Pink House”.

photo from Wikipedia

An entrace fee of Php95 will be collected for those who want to have a tour inside the house. It is a guided tour (the tour guide dressed in filipiñana costume). You will definitely love and enjoy the stories behind the things featured in the house. You ‘ll discover what it is like to live before the modern age. 😊

Suggested itinerary:

  1. El Ideal Bakery (breakfast)
  2. Jalandoni Museum
  3. San Diego-Pro Cathedral
  4. Hofileña Museum
  5. Balay Negrense
  6. Cafe 1925 (lunch, back of El Ideal)

Or you can do the reverse….Enjoy your travel!

Now heading to The Ruins of Talisay….
Hooing for more travels and crazy adventures! 😉


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