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Mambukal in Murcia, Negros Occidental

June 18, 2016 – It’s 3rd week of June, just in time for the Mudpack Festival in Mambukal.


Mambukal which literally means “Boiling“.


How to go there?

By Bus. In Bacolod, ride a tricycle going to the terminal. Ride a bus bound for Murcia/Mambukal. Choose that bus which last stop is Mambukal especially for first timers, so no need to worry, you will be delivered right on the gates of Mambukal. Travel time is almost 2 hours but you will never be bored on the way (if you’re a nature-lover like me), sightseeing the wonderful landscapes of vast sugarcane plantation, river, and Mt. Kanlaon.



At Mambukal Resort

Since it was Mudpack Festival, all rooms are fully booked months before and unfortunately we are not able to get room reservation. But fortunately, it was an opportunity for us to experience camping in Mambukal! We brought our own tent.

We arrived at around 5pm. We set up the tent. Had a dip on the warm sulfur pool. It was indeed relaxing.

We continued the relaxing mode with a classic facial in The Blade Spa (just right beside the warm pool). Amazing classic facial spa without any machine used.

The following morning, we had breakfast in the foodcourt. The food were good and affordable. Then we arranged a tour in Mambukal Falls. When we arrived, a day before, we met a registered local tour guide (I forgot his name 😄).

Mambukal Falls Tour Guide Contact#: 09399600531

The falls is of seven levels, he suggested the following tour options:

  1. Ride motorcycle going to the 7th level with Php50 fare per person. Then trek from the 7th falls going down to the 1st level, back to resort area.
  2. Trekk from 1st level (resort area) going up to the 7th level. Then ride motorcycle from 7th level going back to the resort area.
  3. Trekk going up from 1st level to 7th level and vice versa.

We choose the less effort needed, option #1. 😃

seventh level
going down from seventh level
sixth level
fifth level
fourth level
third level
second level
first level

When we came back to the resort area, we took a dip to the warm pool to relax our slightly tired legs.

Then had some swimming to the regular/cold pool.

The resort offers different activities as well.

For reservations, accommodation rates and activities in Mambukal Resort, you may check website Mambukal Resort.

Contact Number: 034-4730610


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