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Why Invest In The Stock Market?

Have you read the book My Maid Invest In The Stock Market by Bo Sanchez?
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Just recently, Bo Sanchez’ maid already reached a million from her stock market investment.

If she have done it, then you can too! We can!
Investing in the stock market has a lot of benefits, some of these are the following:

  • Return of investment can grew up to 12%, unlike saving your money in banks which hardly earns 1% per annum plus inflation rate of 3%-5%. (Bank savings is ideal for emergency fund though)
  • Investing in stock market is ideal for longterm or retirement fund. This Way, your money grows and you cannot withdraw it immediately. That is why, having an emergency fund is important.
  • Applying the Rule of 72: At 12% interest, money doubles every six years

Investing in the stock market has also disadvantages that you must consider:

  • Your investment value or market value depends on Net Asset Value Per Share which are mainly relies on our economy. It may goes up or go down. You may experience paper loss sometimes.
  • Unlike in bank deposits, your money are covered with insurance, but in the stock market, it ‘s not.

Upon account opening, to start you investing in the market, you will be assessed on the risk level you will be tolerable of.

This way, you can be advised on the type of investment right for you:

  • Mutual Fund. Ideal and suggested for beginners. With low risk level, you just have to make initial investment of Php 5000.00 then you can make additional investment of not less than Php 1000.00 anytime you want. You will be given confirmation notice per transaction and Statement of Account in every end of the month. Mutual fund is hassle-free!

In my experience, I’ve been investing in my mutual fund account under PhilEquity Fund Inc. since 2013. Unrealized gain ranges 4% to 8% of Total Investment.

At first, it was just a trial and from my initial invest of Php 5000.00 from 2013, my additional investment was after almost a year already. That is when I saw the potential of gaining more after 20 to 30 years (retirement years). Since then, I’ve been frequently adding investment on my account even just Php 1000.00 or Php 2000.oo per month. For the many, it’s a small amount though but the secret is consistency according to our financial mentors.

  • Stock Trading. Ideal for daytime traders. High risk investment. Trading requires proper knowledge and/or guidance. You may loose a lot of money if you do not have the right skills and/or guidance.

Just last year, I opened an account on stock trading under COL Financial. Now, some of my stocks are gaining 7% to 10%. Buying and selling shares requires proper timing.

I have no experience or analytical skills in stock trading. I don’t even know how to start.

How I did it and keep doing it?

With my greatest desire to level up my knowledge on investment and specially stock trading, I joined on this online mentoring program founded by Bro. Bo Sanchez, the Truly Rich Club.

Once you become affiliate, you will be guided on how to open a stock trading account in COL Financial. Once you have successfuly given an account, you may start buying/ selling stocks with the guidance of SAM Table, exclusively for Truly Rich Club affiliates.

The Truly Rich Club uses Strategic Averaging Method (SAM) in analyzing stock movements telling the members when and what to buy or sell. This can be viewed anytime through the Truly Rich Club’s website where each affiliate has there own account.

Click Here to know more about the Truly Rich Club and the loads of blessings it will bring to your life and your family.

To be born poor is not your fault, but to die poor is already your fault. Be financially literate now!


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