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The Breathtaking El Nido, Palawan

After 6-hour travel from Puerto Princesa, we’re here in El Nido, Palawan.

It’s somehow scary arriving in a far-away land in a very dark night and you will sight huge karst mountains upon embarking on the vehicle. It seems that Kingkong will just go out behind those mountains anytime and crush us.😱😜😵

…but early morning the following day….

….all you can see is a jaw-dropping view. 😱😍😍


El Nido Protected Area. The largest marine sanctuary in the entire Philippines. The protected area status accords the areas of El Nido and portions of its neighboring town of Taytay a place among the eight priority sites inthe country in nees of coservation. The protected area covers a total of 9)3.21, of which 40% are terrestial and 60% marine. Patrolling within the Protected Area especially in the marine zones is regularly conducted with the help of the World Wildlife Fund. (excerpt from Map of the Philippines published by NEXLIGHT Corp)

We stayed for two days and availed of the island hopping tours (pre-booked with the accommodation).

Standard island hopping tours offered by different travel & tours agency in El Nido are classified into Tour A, B, C, and D. Each tour is composed of five (5) islands.


Taken from

– Tour A

Tour A will take you to the Secret Lagoon, a tropical jewel that will probably remind you of the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo Di Caprio. You will also discover the island of Shimizu, known for its numerous nests of Salanganes, highly prized by Asians for their medicinal properties. You will then set sail on the Big and Small Lagoon, where you will discover the very abundant sea life. The last stop will be the Seven Commandos beach, whose name comes from the seven Japanese commanders who stayed on the island after the Second World War, castaways on this splendid sandy beach.

– Tour B

Lesser known, tour B will take you to magnificent natural sites, like the islands of Pangalusian and Pinagbuyutan and their dream beaches, as well as Snake Island, whose name comes from its characteristic shape. Tour B will also take you to the Cadugnon cave, which is very interesting for history lovers because it contains remains of the Sung dynasty (960-1279 BC). The excursion will finally end on Pinasil Island and the Cathedral Cave, only illuminated by a ray of sunlight coming from top of the cave.

– Tour C

As popular as Tour A, Tour C takes you to Dilumacad Island and Helicopter Island, the latter taking its name from its shape, but also to the island of Tapiutan, particularly recommended for practicing snorkeling. The tour will then continue on the island of Matinloc, famous for its secret beach only accessible by sea, and to Kulasa Beach, where the shallow water allows you to see underwater. Still on the island of Matinloc, you will discover the beautiful Star Beach, ideal for a lunch break, as well as the temple of Matinloc, dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

– Tour D

Tour D will first take you to Ipil Beach, only accessible by boat. You will then leave for Cadlao Island, the largest of the archipelago, to discover the magnificent beach of Pasandigan and the lagoon of Cadlao. You will continue your trip to the island of Pangulasian where you will enjoy the beautiful beaches of Nat Nat and Bukal. Finally, you will end the day on Paradise Beach, located on the island of Entalula, which really is a paradisiacal place.


For our group, we have chosen Tour A and C. A Sumptuous lunch is inclusive of the tour.

My sincere apology, I have poor memory (@mnesia girl 😅) and so I can’t exactly identify the views from each islands (which is which ??) through the pictures.

Day 1: TOUR A (7 Commando Beach, Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Shimizu Island, Secret Lagoon)

Day 2: TOUR C (Helicopter Island, Hidden Beach, Matinloc Island, Secret Beach, Talisay Island)

Here is our island hopping tour in random pictures….

You may check the site of El Nido Paradise for a clearer view and details of the tour.

We have conquered the waves of the West Philippine Sea, experienced the breath-taking views of the wonders of nature.

Explore life, have fun, and create moments!

Hoping for more travels and crazy adventures!😉


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