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The City In A Forest… Puerto Princesa, Palawan

It was last quarter of 2015, from a simple chat conversation, sprouted to an impulsive decision.

I was already based in Cebu that time and we often chat with my team mate in Metro Manila office whom I also worked with on my previous employment in Caloocan. From work to personal matters, we talked about almost everything and anything everyday.

Then one moment she told me she was ask by our friends (former officemates from previous employer) to join them on a tour in El Nido, Palawan by February 2016.

My reaction was like…..


What about me?😟

They haven’t ask me…😥

Well, I’ll ask them if I could join…😁

…and I did!


They included me on the final accommodation and tour reservations. While for the airline tickets, I arranged it for myself.

I am coming from Cebu, direct flights to Puerto Princesa, Palawan that time were extremely expensive. Specially that it’s almost summer time on February.

I received an e-mail from an airline company….

It seems that the forces of the universe is coniving to let me wander in Palawan.

Almost a year ago, I accidentally puchased a roundtrip ticket Manila-Cebu, since I’m already in Cebu, I can’t use it anymore.

The e-mail from the airline company says that due to changes in schedule, I have the option to rebook the flight or save in travel fund the equivalent amount of the purchased ticket which can be uses to book for flights within 90 days in any Philippine destination.


Because of that, I spent only 34% of the total airfare, 64% is from travel fund.

I chose connecting flights from Cebu to Manila then to Puerto Princesa. Same with the return flights.

Problem solved!

It’s cheaper this way although it takes great effort and struggles. 😄

I took the 1am Cebu-Manila flight arriving in NAIA Terminal 3, then took a cab going NAIA Terminal 4 for my Manila -Puerto Princesa flight at 5am.

PALAWAN….here I come!👊

The group whom I will go with for the El Nido tour will arrive late in the afternoon. Rather than wasting my precious time in waiting, I should do something that will cross-out an item on my bucket list.

Something like….going to a Natural World Heritage site.

Let’s do it…

Day 1

Straight from the airport, as soon as I arrived at 7am I was picked-up by the travel and tour agents for my pre-booked tour on the famous Natural World Heritage Site, Underground River.

Thanks to Palawan Holidays Travel & Tour specially to Ms. Valerie Anne (0917819876) who make my demands possible. 😊

From Puerto Princesa center, you need to travel approximately 2 hours going to Sabang. From there, a 20 minute boat ride to reach Subterranean River National Park.

Then, a 5 minute walk on the monkey trail. At the end of the trail is the waiting area for the Underground River tour.

Subterranean River National Park. Located about 50km (30mi) north of the city center of Puerto Princesa. It has a limestome karst mountain landscape the main attraction here is St. Pauls Underground River Cave – a more than 24km long cave , which contains an 8.2km-long underground section of Cabuyagan River. On November 11, 2011, Puerto Princesa Underground River was provisionally chosen as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. This selection was officially confirmed on January 8, 2012. (excerpt from Map of the Philippines published by NEXLIGHT Corp)

After the underground river tour, we went back to Sabang where we had our buffet lunch (inclusive on the tour).

It’s all worth-it. Experiencing one natures’ wonders is truly amazing!

Then we went back to Puerto Princesa City. I requested to be dropped-off on the airport to meet my colleagues going to El Nido.

Day 2 to Day 3

The Breath-taking El Nido, Palawan! Click to see our crazy adventures😉

Day 4

Feeling weak from the 2-day island hopping tour in El Nido and 6-hour travel going back to Puerto Princesa City but still excited to do city tour.

We hired a tricycle just outside the Hotel where we stayed. Tour price is standard at Php600.

The Apostolic Vicariate of Puerto Princesa.

image from wikipedia

The driver offered to bring us to Kuyba Almoneca instead to going to Crocodile Farm. He said we will just be scared and stressed seeing the crocodiles. 😇

Kuyba Almoneca

Rancho Mitra. Rancho Sta. Monica, popularly known as Mitra’s Ranch, used to be a private property. They’ve long been opened to the public from 6AM-6PM. It is among the must-see of PPS because this gives you an astonishing view of Puerto Princesa City There are lots of activities in the area like trampoline, horse back riding, and zip lining! (from

Baker’s Hill

Butterfly Sanctuary


Souvenir Shops/ Pasalubong Center.
The one-stop shop for souvenirs and delicacies. You can even haggle on the prices on some stores.

Hoping for more travels and crazy adventures!😉


In ordinary days I'm an industrial engineer and an advocate of Global Financial Literacy. In extraordinary days, I'm wanderfully crazy to go on adventures and explore, dreaming to experience life on different places. The world is not scary afterall.... "Life is wonderful journey of crazy adventures!" 😜👣👣👣🌎

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