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Life is a Choice! And so is Financial Independence

Financial independence is not a dream! It’s a decision.

You have the option to shrink your dream to fit on your income, or increase your income to fit on your dreams.

Unfortunately, financial education is not taught in schools, but we are fortunate enough that this time there are groups who has the advocacy on global financial literacy.

I was once broke. I earn more than enough for my basic needs but…

  • I fall into credit card debts.
  • I have big dreams but don’t have enough money to fund it.
  • Money is just going in and out with almost nothing left.
  • I don’t know how to manage my finances.

That is me years ago (before I attended Wealth Academy), and there are many people who are like this until now.

Sometimes, the problem is not the income but the lack of financial knowledge.

Wealth Academy is a series of financial education, a mentorship program by the International Marketing Group (IMG) who aims to help families build a solid financial foundation.

Series 1 is open for everybody while succeeding series is exclusive for IMG members.

I joined IMG 4 years ago in Makati Office and attended the series of trainings where I learned about how to manage finances, mutual fund investments, long-term healthcare, passive income streams, how money works, and especially, how to build a solid financial foundation.

Once you have learn it, you will live by it.

Grateful to IMG that since I joined, I was able to:

  • Zero-out debts
  • Manage my finances
  • Own mutual fund accounts (long-term investment for retirement)
  • Learn and earn from stock trading
  • Fund my dreams
  • Creating an emergency fund
  • Own life insurance

Last March’2017, I just renewed my IMG membership to PREFERRED.

This gives access to the following benefits:

You too can have access to the above-mentioned benefits.

Because someone shared the benefits of IMG to me, years ago, I was able to JOIN and OWN. Now, it’s time for me to SHARE to the world how my financial life has changed for the better. Be one of us!


For more details, contact me.

FB Page: Send Message


IMG has offices in Metro Manila, Philippine provinces, and around the world.

Hope to hear from you as you choose to start your way to financial independence. 💰📚


In ordinary days I'm an industrial engineer and an advocate of Global Financial Literacy. In extraordinary days, I'm wanderfully crazy to go on adventures and explore, dreaming to experience life on different places. The world is not scary afterall.... "Life is wonderful journey of crazy adventures!" 😜👣👣👣🌎

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