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“I’m here!”

“I’m finally here!”

These are the words at the back of my mind.

I am still teary-eyed everytime I think of the moment….

💃I first sighted and experienced the Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

💃I had my first tattoo “Sak Yant” from a monk in Wat Bang Phra Temple in Nakhom Chaisi, Thailand.

💃I was in the White Temple in Chiang Rai, Northernmost Thailand.

Until now, I am still in cloud nine thinking how I did it and done it wonderfully crazy.

I am still amazed of myself as if I want to say congratulations to myself for taking step into achieving my greatest dreams.

But it was not always easy. The road to achieving one of my greatest dream was bumpy, a lot of up’s and down’s, curves, and detours.

Practically speaking, big dreams requires big funds. Unfortunately, I was not born rich. But that doesn’t stop me to dream. Not just dream, but BIG DREAMS!








Yes…sounds ambitious…..???!

but this is God’s greatest dream in my heart😍




and this greatest dream opens opportunities for me to gain more knowledge and learn the ways to achieve it.

When you dream, pray for it, work hard for it. Then suddendly you will realize that it is as if the universe is coniving to help you achieve your dreams.

I’m not a psychologist nor a life coach. I’m a dreamer of BIG DREAMS and I just speak from my experiences.

I want to encourage all the people regardless of age, to dream big!

It’s not too late to be who or what you want to be

We are all passersby in this world, let’s do what our hearts is shouting us to do.

We are not born just to work hard, pay bills, and die. –Michael Black of LearntoTrade

Live simply but abundantly.

Discover God’s greatest dreams in your heart and take courage to achieve it.


In ordinary days I'm an industrial engineer and an advocate of Global Financial Literacy. In extraordinary days, I'm wanderfully crazy to go on adventures and explore, dreaming to experience life on different places. The world is not scary afterall.... "Life is wonderful journey of crazy adventures!" 😜👣👣👣🌎

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