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In Confusion

When my whole being is shattered by confusion

And my mind is overflowing with doubt

You lighted my path

Not with adorable chandeliers

But by your endearing love and care


Your angels held my hand

And brought myself to you

You opened your gates

And lifted my spirit


You strengthened me

Blessed me with power

To clear my mind

And swept the cobwebs of doubt and confusion concealing

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My Peace of Mind And Heart Rests In You

When the feeling of emptiness

Is like a disease in me

When my life is heavely burdened by unseen load

I seek for you

When people come

To distract my simple being

When situations

Make me feel unease

I come to you

When life

Becomes complicated

And the choices are confusing

I pray to you

You cleansed my mind

And cleared my heart

To you, I offer my life

For a peaceful heart and mind

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Flaming Desire

I’m overcoming my weakness

You fueled the fire

The desire is burning in my heart

To go and search for more

Seek for endless possibilities and explore

Adversities always comes along

But I know it won’t last long

Never fear, it will make you strong

And lets you go on and on

The sparks of obstacles

Will be washed away

With the ocean deep of faith and courage from above


The flaming dream

Will soon be great fire

Hard to put-off and only I controls

Like fireworks that amazingly wonders all